Kids Jiu Jitsu

Little Champs 1

(AGES 4-7)

Due to the incredible growth of our youth programs we are excited to announce our newest program for 4-7 year old. This class is designed to teach your child the basic movements of jiu-jitsu in a fun and engaging high-energy class.

Little Champs 2

(AGES 8-12)

Classes for the Little Champs 2 are entertaining as well as structured. With this age group we teach jiu-jitsu by almost disguising it in a series of games that develop proper balance, technique and positioning. If your child is having fun they will be engaged, if they are engaged they will learn.

Young Adults

(AGES 13 & UP)

The Young Adults is the bridge from children’s jiu-jitsu to adult level classes. With this age group jiu-jitsu itself becomes the game. Classes are structured in the same way the adult classes are to challenge your child and help their development into young adults.